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What Is Womb Massage and Why do we need it....

You may have heard the word Womb Massage and thought what the heck is that?

Or you may have heard Mayan Massage and thought what do the Mayans have to do with Massage?

Womb Healing, Mayan Massage, Pelvic Massage, Stomach Massage all encompass the term Womb Massage.

What does it really mean and who is it for?.....

Mayan Massage is Ancient Indigenous Medicine handed down from Wise women to Wise women to aid and restore a womans health with massage techniques, plant medicine, gentleness and softness. It works with our integral energies - our soul, our minds, our bodies, our emotions, our auric field, our energies.

The Mayans belief is that when the Uterus (womb) and internal organs are in proper alignment, it improves the flow of lymph (immunity) blood, nerves and chi in the body. When a Womb is displaced which is so common, the body is not working in optimal alignment and flow and many health conditions can develop.

Some of these can be utterly debilitating such as Endometriosis, PCOS, irregular periods and flooding, infertility, miscarriage, painful periods, irritable bowel, urinary urgency/frequency, constipation. I could go on and on but where there is congestion, there is dysfunction.

Womb Massage can help move the lymph and blood flow around relieving congestion and pain and gently aligning the ligaments that support the Womb.

It is gentle in touch, nourishing for the body and soul, supportive on so many levels. It enables a deeper connection to your bodies wisdom, knowing and intuition. It is empowering and also relaxing!

So who are the Women that come through my door for Womb Massage...

The Woman in debilitating Pain who has exhausted all her options and is told to just "go on the pill

The Woman who is grieving her Miscarried Baby and feels Unseen, Unheard and that her body has failed her

The Woman who is trying to become pregnant, who has been poked, prodded and told her body is failing her.

The Pregnant and Post Partum Woman who needs to feel supported, tend to her back pain, breast pain, yoni pain and "close the bones" after Birth to restore and replenish energies.

The Woman who has grief, trauma or so busy looking after others, that she has disconnected from her own body and its needs and no longer feels pleasure

The Woman who is in change of life and feels old, invalid and depressed

The Younger Teen and Women who want to learn more about their bodies cycles and honor its incredible rhythms

The Woman who is anxious, who hardly takes a breath, who puts everyone elses needs first and is burnt out.

The Woman who is aware of her Body but wants a deeper, intuitive connection.

The Woman who is yearning to be supported in gentleness with no expectations

The Woman who is curious and wants a Massage!

I can honestly say any Woman at any stage of her life would benefit from this divine massage.

I have been a body worker for over 20 years and my hands have often been described as 'healing hands'

I trained with the incredible Andrea Lopez from Mama Medicina in Eumundi who runs Mentorships from her business Secrets from the Honey Tree. She not only speaks Spanish but studied and trained with the Wise Woman herself Dr Rosita Arvigo from Bellize South America. Andrea has helped hundreds of women and now passes this treasured information and techniques to her students.


0411 038393

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