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    Mayan Womb Massage/MamaMedicina What is Mayan Massage Mayan Massage is an indigenous medicine practice passed down from the Mayan Midwives to support women through all stages of their lives. The Mayans believe the abdomen and womb is central to healing. The Mayan Abdominal Massage brings together bodywork, traditional remedies, spiritual healing, and herbal remedies to support the restoration of the body and being to a state of embodied wholeness. What Maya Massage can help with... These gentle, nurturing techniques restores biochemical balance and can be supportive to many reproductive, digestive, and structural concerns, including healing benefits such as… Infertility/Miscarriage Peri/Menopause Irritable Bowel Prolapse Adhesions Scar tissue Constipation/digestive issues Painful periods/Endometriosis/PCOS Heavy periods and irregularities Helps regulate menstrual cycles. Pregnancy and Post Partum Care Closing the Bones Ceremony Spiritual Healing and Release stored in the body from Trauma/stress. Feeling embodied and supported in the feminine Anchors us into our sacred power. Techniques and Treatment... The Maya Massage is non-invasive, gentle, external work which addresses the position of the Uterus(womb) The Uterus is held in place via many ligaments, and these can become displaced from Falls, Accidents, Pregnancies, Birth trauma, Scar tissue/ Past Surgeries Prolapses High impact exercises Chronic Back Pain Emotional Trauma When the Uterus (womb) is displaced congestion and pain can occur, which can result in frequent urge to urinate, IBS, painful periods, infertility, back pain, abdominal and pelvic pain, menstrual irregularities just to name a few. Gentle massage of the Legs, Sacrum, Gluteals and Abdomen help lift and guide the Uterus into optimum position. External Massage techniques support - Circulation and blood flow to the Ovaries and Womb Flow of Lymphatic system relieving congestion Energetic flow of Chi (life force) through the Heart Chakra to Base Chakra Support for the whole body and allowing a woman to reconnect to her body Treatments... Three sessions are recommended one month apart. The first session is Massage only for around 1.5 hours. The Second session is Massage and Womb Steam (optional) and Self-care massage 2 hours. Moxa can also be used for congested painful areas. The Third Session is a mixture of what the body is needing on the day. 1.5 -2 hours Benefits… Non-invasive and natural approach to regulate cycles and fertility Empowerment of taking charge of own health and body A beautiful treatment to connect and restore faith in the bodies abilities to heal and perform. Alternative to Modern Medicine or can be used in conjunction with. By helping the Uterus into optimal position, improved health and blood flow regulates organs and the body’s natural equilibrium. Toxins are flushed allowing the hormones to balance. I trained with the gorgeous Andrea Lopez from Paraguay who is the facilitator of Mamamedicina and has treated many a pelvis. Andrea has worked and studied alongside Rosita Arvigo in Belize who is the founder and wisdom keeper of Arvigo Womb Massage. Andrea has a thriving practice called Secrets of the Honeytree and holds Mamamedicina Womb Mentorships Her mantra is “We can be our own Doctors. By listening to our wombs we are connecting to our own wisdom for our overall health. Together we rise, together we heal” The body is more powerful than the mind and is always intuitively communicating with us. For bookings pls contact via email or mobile 0411038393
    Reiki Intuitive Energy Healings Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing, channeling universal energy to work and heal the bodies energetic fields and chakras. Energy can stagnate in the body after illness, stress or injury causing blocks in our meridians. Reiki can improve the circulation of energy around the body and enable relaxation, pain relief, healing, deep rest and removal of energetic blocks. When a client comes in they are welcomed with herbal tea and a chat about what to expect and what they might feel. They remain warm and fully clothed a during the treatment, under a heated blanket and eye pillow. The use of crystals, oils, sound therapy and oracle/tarot cards also aid in this deeply restful, healing, nourishing treatment. I have a deep connection to Spirit and the fifth dimension and invoke prayer and my guides to assist healing on a psychic and spiritual level.
    Astrology Readings. Have you ever wondered why one day you feel so on to of the world and the next you’ve done a 180. Astrology is the celestial, energetic motion of the Sun, Moon and all the planets moving in our sky and how the energies affect us in our every day lives. It helps us understand how everyone and everything is connected. Your birth chart is a blue print of your soul, you are so much more than just a Leo! Astrology chart readings can help you with relationships, career paths, healing, navigate the negative influences that occur and set you on your true soul path. It allows you to hear what your inner soul wants you to do and be rather than what we have been conditioned to believing we should be. The Soul Path Readings give you so much clarity, insight and understanding the real you, your uniqueness, your talents and gifts. They help to give you emotionally centring tools when we feel off balance. These are such a joy to do and a passion of mine that I know you will love it and be so empowered and motivated.
    Pilates is excellent for everybody no matter how old, or what level of fitness you have. Pilates works on a separate set of muscles also known as our “core or stabilizing” muscles. These muscles are often overshadowed by our bigger postural muscles, such as your quadriceps, hamstrings, low back etc and don’t allow our smaller ones to function effectively. What I have discovered in large Pilates classes of more than 10 is that most clients are not performing the correct ‘core activation’ purely because the instructor can not get around to correct each individual. I have seen first hand, clients trying to do exercises that are way too advanced for them, and when not performed correctly, they could be doing more harm than good. Pilates targets smaller muscle groups that then act like a corset around your spine, protecting you against back pain and injury. Pilates is not only just for the low back, it is highly effective for people with neck, knee or hip pain too. Pilates is an excellent complimentary exercise for those who love to run, dance or do higher impact sports as it helps with balance and alignment and improves overall performance. Prolonged high impact sports and overtraining can Often lead to an imbalance between your muscles which results in muscle fatigue and ultimately injury. I aim to educate my clients on how to switch on their ‘true core’ and keep it on. My classes are small and personalized and limited to 7 in a class. This ensures I know every one in the room along with what they can or cannot do so lessons are highly tailored to your individual bodies also enabling me to correct and give individual attention to every client. The benefits of Pilates are - Develops Strength, balance and stability throughout the entire body - Increases Flexibility whilst gentle on joints. - Develops lean, strong toned muscles - Improves Posture and pain associated with poor posture. - Excellent for rehab or gaining strength after an injury or illness - Pilates stimulates the deep core muscles around your spine therefore improving every day activites eg lifting, sitting. Some of the principles of Pilates are concentration, relaxation, focus, breathing so you will feel centred and balanced afterwards.
    These classes are a passion of mine. They are held once a month for 1.5 hours. It is neither pilates or a yoga class and no experience is necessary. Your body will stretch, unwind and relax creating a deep feeling of centreness and relaxation. Deep breathing enables our mind and body to slow down which in turn allows our nervous system to switch from high gear to low gear. Tight muscles will be lengthened, stress is alleviated, and cortisol levels (our stress hormones) are lowered. Stretching and Meditation have so many benefits, there are far too many to list. If you are a person that rushes from one place to the next, is under any type of stress, suffers insomnia, anxiety or depression these classes are designed for you. Stress eventually catches up with everyone in the form of anxiety, depression, neck tension, pain or illness. It's so important to take the time out for ourselves in this busy world to deep breath, recentre ourselves and be kind to our bodies. Pain and stress are warning signs from your internal body that something isn’t right. Each class will have a ‘stretching theme’ where we focus on hips, low backs, shoulders or necks. Stretches are performed and held for a length of time to allow the muscles to reset and lengthen which in turn allows the joint to relax. Stretches are held and deep diaphragmatic breathing allows the body to soften and the mind to be still. The classes then end with a guided meditation where you will float out feeling wonderful. These classes are pure joy and calm, you wont regret it!
    Moon Meditation Circles These beautiful classes are for a small group of up to 7 like minded women where we sit in a supportive sacred circle. A combination of Yin Yoga, Breath work and Astrology heighten our Spiritual Awareness connecting us to our Chakras and Moon Centres awakening us to our higher self. I weave the Astrological energies of the moment in with mindful meditations to help bring peace and stillness, with greater awareness and clarity to our minds, bodies and souls. For next event pls click here..
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