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Navigating the Cancer Energies - How Much is your Body Holding?......

Ooooooooooh a picture says a 1000 words and these two pics epitomize Cancer Season - think self care to the max, tending to your needs over doing, snuggling up with a blankey and soup, binging netflix instead of out on the town getting smashed!!!

I adore Cancer season as it follows a very busy thinking month of Gemini and now we have a month of less thinking and more feeling - Cancer is a water sign, our emotions - what we FEEL.

Cancer is all about our emotions and memories, it rules the womb and breasts and our sacral chakra. Cancer represents the Divine feminine, the mother, our roots and ancestry - yes it can definitely ping mother issues and trigger emotional memories we can't let go of or can we ? Can you shift your perspective around these memories to dilute them by recognizing if your needs were met or not ?

The Moon is her Ruler and the Moon in our Astrology charts represents how we do emotion, but in Cancer season we all do emotion !!! The Moon in her cycle shifts from sign to sign every two and a half days so our moods and energies will fluctuate. The Moon rules our Menstrual cycles and tidal rhythms so as females we sync to the Moons energy. She also swells to her Fullest at the full Moon as do our emotions and sensitivities and then she wanes as does our energy at the New Moon

Emotions are tricky as we really don't like to really dig within to see why we feel ïcky", why we just had that outburst, or why we just turned into a ranting road rager!! There is always an underlying current and our body holds everything we have ever experienced in our tissues. Our brains may be saying we are ok, but the body always is way more aware.

I see this so much during my Womb Massage sessions with women who have held such pain in their bodies from events or memories from so long ago that its hard to piece it altogether.

Here's an eg of this...

A beautiful soul expressed how she felt just ícky' around mothers day this year. She said I don't know why I just wanted to spend the day on the couch in a funk. Her teenage daughter didn't make much of an effort so she put her ickiness and unsettled feelings down to that.

During the massage it was very clear to me that her pelvis and glute muscles held so much tension that they resisted my touch. Back in my old remedial days I would have gotten my elbow in and pummeled that trigger point to oblivion! That only causes the body to seize up even more and heightens the nervous system into RESIST as this hurts!! As we gently allowed the tissues to melt some interesting revelations came to my client.

With the help of my Divine guides I intuitively knew that at some point in her childhood she didn't feel safe (as we were working in the Base chakra) She became aware of this and we did a little visualization and energy work woven into the massage and her pelvis instantly softened what emotional tension it had been holding. During the massage when I was working with her Sacral/Womb Chakra she was also able to connect so deeply into her internal self that she also self realized she had lost a precious baby this time of year, many years ago, but the memories were stored in her womb. We were able to energetically honor that little soul, and her body for what it went through. I know this sounds a lot but she was able to completely identify why she felt so ícky' on mothers day and that in itself is the real healing.

When the nervous system relaxes with gentle touch, the body is able to release deep seeded emotional memories.

Thank you to my beautiful client for allowing me with their permission to share her story. This was her third womb healing session.

So how do we do Cancer Season.... - with feeling and honoring what our bodies need.

Yes Womb Massage in Cancer Season is an incredibly potent, alchemical time and every woman should be having these as a means to self regulate the body and nervous system not to mention all the other physical pelvic problems that are held here.

A daily check in before you get up to connect in with how you are doing. Does your body feel tired, have a lie in instead of the gym. Does it need more movement, socializing, meditation, earthing?

More rest, more joy, more down time, more nourishing food, more hugs Listen to what she is telling you.

As you have thoughts ( as these create emotion and emotion creates the thought!) spend a moment and see where you feel that in your body as your body will respond differently than what your brain is telling it.

Speak of your feelings rather than bottling them and exploding. Often once you have identified where your needs aren't being met, a conversation may be all that it takes for others to see.

Overwhelm and resentment are already signs that you are burnt out from doing too much for others and not putting yourself first. We have been so conditioned to put ourselves last but this doesn't have to be the way anymore if you choose.

Take time out to do something wonderful for yourselves instead of putting yourself last this month

I am running a Special Discount to all New Clients who would love a Womb Healing Session this month of Cancer season for $150 instead of $180 - thats a 2 hour treatment of divine bliss and having your needs seen and tended to. Please message me if your body is saying YES to this. When you're ready, you're ready.

Go Gently and Intuitively Aware this month

Be Kind to Yourselves

Wrapping you all in warm hugs

Kat xoxo

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