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June Energies & 10 Ways to Keep Your Energetic Field Healthy...

Hello from me on the almost Eve of the Gemini New Moon...

The Energy Of June is Busy, Fast, In Our Heads and GO GO GO. Its a little bit of FOMO, trying to say yes to too many things, fun flirty, social and forever trying to balance the duality of too much versus too little!! Its Inquisitive, forever seeking information, talkative, and always on a quest to find out all the details. Details details details!!!

That's Gemini energy for you just by its little old self and We ALL feel this in Gemini season even if we are not Geminis! Currently we have 5 planets in Gemini - Mercury (its ruler and very strong here) giving us information overload, communication on steroids, everyone's got something to say or an email to send!! Jupiter is here also for a year - giving us HUGE energies for expanding our minds and limitations of what we think we can't do!!! Jupiter here is on a mission for higher knowledge, spirituality, the truth at all costs and ready to expand your minds. Beautiful Venus is here too making us socially extroverted, chatty and not wanting to miss out on a single catch up!!

The New Moon on the 6/6 harnesses all of these energies giving us an opportunity to manifest and set intentions with clear thoughts and really harness what we we are wanting to bring into our lives for the better. Its the energy of something we didn't think was possible. With all this energy in Air - its quickening timelines and our mental processing so be mindful of what your thoughts are telling you and when you set these intentions, make them laser sharp, precise and detailed.

Manifest without self limitations!! Plant the seeds that you were told would never happen!

Be flexible, be adaptable with this energy as there are many moving parts. Rigidity and stagnation will not be your friend with this energy!!

That's the light version of this energy- Gemini rules our minds therefore our mental health and the lungs/chest region also our arms, wrists and fingers. Overwhelm by saying yes to too many social/work commitments, late nights out, poor sleep as you can't turn that brain down, not being flexible or adaptable, feeling restless and not able to concentrate to finish tasks, the inner critic voice of self doubt and sabotage are all the shadow sides of Gemini energies and this will hang around for a few months. Immune systems are compromised when under stress and that's when we start to struggle and our energy becomes low, tired and ratty.

Here are some of my ways that I clear my energy fields from others or situations that are heavy...

In case you didn't know every interaction you have with every human you encounter is absorbed into your auric field and sticks for good or for not so good!!!

  1. Start the day before getting out of bed with a quick grounding statement (statements of intent are POWERFUL) eg I command my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies to be grounded into the earth with a connection that is just right and safe for me today - and so it is.. Thank Mother Earth for all she provides - gratitude leads to abundance

  2. Check in with your body before you arise to see what your body needs, is it more quiet time, more exercise, more alone time or nourishing food and then try to honor that for the day

  3. For Toxicity in the work place etc or going to crowded places where there is A LOT of energy you don't want in your field - Close your eyes down and ask your guardian angel to surround you with a bubble of light like a cocoon for protection from all energies that are not aligned with love and your highest good. Feel this light come in to surround you, breathe it into your being and trust that your spiritual tribe have your back. You can even add on to this light by adding reflective mirrors around your protective bubble to reflect all energy that comes at you right back to its source. Remember Energy is attracted to like Energy - when you are feeling low and run down, another of the same will be attracted to this and parasite. If you are focusing on increasing your frequency, the lower frequencies won't hang around for long!! Truth!!

  4. Wash your hands and wrists a lot during the day and say a quick statement of "thank you for this water, I am washing away all energy that is not mine and not for my highest good

  5. Get outside of your workspace if inside filled with computers and fluro lights - kill joys for the soul Fill your lungs with clean air, head outside to hear the bird song and feel some grass under your fingers. Feel the sun on your face. Sit under a tree - if you're like me Talk to the tree :))) Wear Copper to neutralize EMF waves from computers and cords.

  6. Exercise and movement are incredible for shifting energy and moving energy through the body - if you're not an exercise guru, put on your favorite song full bore and dance like no one is watching!! Shake your hands, your arms, your whole body, laugh at the jiggles!!

  7. Listen to a meditation podcast or something that fills your soul (not TV crap) before sleeping. Science has proven that what you watch, listen to before sleep affects your sleep waves and sub conscious.

  8. Shower the day away down the drain hole!! Let the water stream over you, thank the water element and intentionally state I wash away all that is in my energy field that is not mine, I wash away all energies from others that does not serve my highest good - and you can add anything else in - grief, sadness overwhelm, anger, frustration. Acknowledge it, feel it and then ask for the water to wash over you cleansing your field.

  9. Make sleep a priority - this is when our body shuts down and regenerates. Sleep is our system reboot each night. Sleep when you're unwell Rest often and create space for downtime

  10. Believe that you are a creative, unlimited, genius being who can do anything and can make choices -if something doesn't resolve and you're suffering, it may be time to move on from that situation.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and how it goes for you.

So many blessings of abundance and expansion on this New Moon to you all

Love Kat

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