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Gemini Full Moon Energies 27/11/2023

Hello and Welcome to my little deeper dive into todays Full Moon in Gemini.

I did an instagram post but there are just too many words for one little post!!

As I explained in that post the Full Moon is currently in Gemini at 4 degrees opposing the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius, making some hard aspects to Saturn.... let me break that down for you!!

The Sun and Moon opposite each other create our full Moon, where the Sun shines her full light illuminating the darkness of the Moon. The Sun at the moment is in the sign Sagittarius - Sag energy is go hard or go home, big and expansive, adventurous and exuberant, truth seeking and freedom at all costs. On one hand, Sag is the philosopher, sage, highly intuitive wise one and on the other, its shooting off in all directions, saying yes to everything, possibly getting nothing finished because they are starting something new!!! They are the seekers, the party people, the fun never say no peeps of the world!! Sag is a mutable fire sign, representing our life force, our vitality and passion for what we seek, the mutable aspect means adept at change and needs to flow and not be contained.

The Gemini Moon is also Mutable but its Mutable Air, so our thoughts, words, communications, the balancing of our dualities, as in introversion vs extroversion, too much or too little etc... So the Moon represents our inner psyche, our emotions, the dark quiet place within us. When there is a full moon, its like someone shining a spotlight torch on our inner thoughts and mind energy!!! Gemini can flit from one thought to the next and their minds can often be overcome with too much mind energy. Their mission is to balance the duality of mind and body.

The other factors with this Moon is that its making some heavy (harder) aspects to Saturn and Mars. The Sun in Sag has Mars close by adding extra energy in a big way. Think of Mars energy as a bull charging down the street, no fear, no distractions just head strong assertive courage and drive to get to his destination Mars also represents the Fire element so we have double Fire in Sag, double drive, double action to achieve and get the thing done. Mars in Sag can add some spice to shooting off in too many directions, burning the candle at both ends and also shooting off at the mouth as Mercury our planet of information and communication is also currently in Sag - wild huh!!

Saturn is also in square to this Moon in another Mutable Sign Pisces, representing the water (emotional) element of ourselves and the collective. Saturn is a stern lesson master, the timekeeper, the strict principle type of do your homework or you'll get detention. He also represents the Father figure or male energy. This energy is all about our boundaries, what needs a tidy up, what areas of your life need more structure and application. Also in lower forms, it can mean where or what are we avoiding, what sucks our time, what addictions are we addicted to in any form that sap our energy and flow, where is your energy being frittered away by doing too much for others. Martydom is an energy sucker.

So... to put all of that together ... the energy is BUSY, super busy mentally, emotionally and exhaustive physically. The Full Moon is that spotlight each month to check in on ourselves and this one is a big one to ask yourself..

Am I saying yes to everything and everyone and feeling drained?

Am I seeking my highest self by being discerning with information?

Am I following that soul nudge to go after whatever it is that makes my soul sing?

Where do I get bogged down and what drains my energy?

Where/What do I avoid or self sabotage?

Where can I carve out some time to myself to drop into my higher self energies?

What outdated religious' belief's, conditionings from childhood, stories you've been fed no longer resonate your inner truth? (that is BIG SAG energy!!) Are you walking your truth?

How can I use this Sun and Mars energy to fulfil my desires?

Where am I expanding?

The other little kicker this week is Venus ( our money, relationships, talents and fertility) will be joining the South Node in Libra 30/11/23

The south node is like stuff we've done before and we don't really need anymore, our past, releasing the old karmic patterns and guess what it's all about, Money, Relationships, Stability, Balance, Fairness, Justice, Harmony. Venus is strong in her home sign of Libra so this Full Moon post energies can really illuminate what needs to set free or resolved within relationships. /With Saturn squaring this Moon it could even be dynamics with Fathers or older Males in your life. Where will you take responsibility for this and your precious energy. What is outgrown and can be put to rest for deeper peace and harmony in your life? What boundaries do I need to sustain my own harmony?

I feel there will be information coming in to support you and help you identify the root cause of what is holding you back, a big ahaaaa moment of óh yeh now I see it".

We are also now in the timelines of Mercury pre shadow retrograde, so there may be more information down the track post retrograde to support what is happening now for you.

If you feel caught up in too much mutable energy, use the release point of this T Square energy of the Earth element - Nature and all things earth, it works like a diffuser as its the only element not in play for this Moon so its what our souls will seeking.

I hope all of this resonates and helps you use this energy to the best of your abilities. Practice self awareness and self check ins especially during this busy season

Much Love and Full Moon Blessings

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