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Catch the Astrological Manifesting Wave With This Full Moon...

Hola lovely folks

I couldn't hold in all my words for this beautiful Astrology available to us right now. Thursday we have the Full Moon in Sagittarius surrounded by at last harmonious aspects from the other planets - halleluiah right!!

Its make a wish kind of astrology no matter how good or bad things are right now. Two of the most abundantly blessing planets Venus and Jupiter are together next to this moon surrounding us with seeds of good fortune, harmony and stability. The Sagittarius Moon is about truth, expansion, reaching for higher knowledge, aiming for heights and growth, trust. The Moon will shine a light on what needs expansion in your life - perhaps realizations of where you have felt restricted (in all areas of your life) or where you think you aren't good enough or can't achieve what your heart really desires. Sagittarius and Jupiter rule travel, philosophy, learning, higher learning of self, spirituality, fun, frivolity and kind of like lets just shoot the arrow and see where it lands energy!! TRUST is the key word here for this Moon...

The Harmonious aspect to Pluto asks us to look truthfully within and see where we have grown or what we are growing out of. What or who is the new version of yourself that you are shedding and transforming?? Once you see this, the expansion is limitless!!!!

Of course there is always the shadow side of any energy and that would show up as rigidity, inability to change, fixated on the same solutions, banging your head against a brick wall when the same things keep repeating, overspending, volatility to stability and relationships, too many eggs in one basket and overwhelming emotions, trying to control every situation, inability to trust.

For those seeking fertility, this is the perfect energy to make babies!!!! And for those who think they have finished - be careful!! Fertility is not just babies its what we are growing in our lives!!

The Stars are ripe with fertilizer to make an intention

If I have done a chart reading for you, check the house that Sagittarius is in and also Venus and Jupiter for really where'' to harness your intentions.

Happy New Moon for the 23rd

Much Love and Star Dust Blessings to you all., I'm off to buy a lotto ticket!!!


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