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May 1st Earthy Witchy Musings

May 1st to me doesn't just signify a new Month, but also the Pagan Calendar Wheel of the Mid point between the Equinox and Solstice also known as Samhain.

Yes I know we can't don our witches hats and gowns and cast spells ( or can we!!) but we can honor these points in time just like our ancestors did by watching the seasonal cycles and changes of light - they didn't have a calendar on the wall, or an app to tell them where the constellations and Sun were in the sky, they just knew because they lived and worked on the land - totally earthed!! They watched as the Trees leaves fell, animals disappeared to mate and nest, they harvested root vegetables for the coming colder months. They were in rhythm with the cycles.

Today is the Seasonal Celebration of our Ancestors who walked before us and when the veils between the living and the dead are thinnest. Look for those tiny signs of loved ones passed or listen to the soul voice that's calling deep within. You may have an urge to bathe in sunlight, light a fire or dig in the garden - these are all things that connect us back to the earth and our wise ancestors.

I love to burn and smudge eucalyptus leaves, rosemary and thyme around my house. You may be feeling the darkness more as the days shorten inviting us into our own Winter and shadow sides within ourselves. A time to renew, to embrace the darkness of ourselves. A deep inhalation just like our Winter is a time of pause before the transformation of Springs new growth.

When we walk the wheel of the earth cycles with her we are so much more connected to our inner rhythms, wisdom and intuition. Our ancestors are always guiding us but often we are too caught up in 'busy' life and forget to listen.

Some small rituals that you can celebrate this day is to ...

Thank your ancestors for tending the earth and bringing you earth side

Meditate quietly on the bird songs around you, the feel of the air, the warmth of the sun.

Pray and speak to your passed over loved ones like they are having a cup of tea next to you.

Light candles for your crossed over loved ones

Write down any unhealthy ancestral patterns you see in yourself or anything you want to be rid of. Fold it three times and burn it. Fire is cleansing!!

And... I love how this all falls in Taurus season, the earth sign ruled by Venus - goddess of fertility and beauty. A time when we should be anchoring into our bodies.

Until next download..

Much Love


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