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Astro Weather Musings

Wednesday, Day of Mercury so what better time to write and speak into the Astro weather.

The Sun has just moved into Pisces on Monday so we are in Water element energy in fact, Double water today with the Moon being in Cancer. Water and Pisces are sensitive, dreamy, creative, highly intuitive energies. The perfect season to allow yourself down time, day dreaming space and time to flow, meditate and tap into your intuition.

The shadow side of Pisces is total lack of boundaries, almost to the point of martyrdom, disillusion, delusional, avoidance of the big issues! Pisces also rules our Immune system, the lymphatics and the flow of the body and our feet. Water needs to move and flow, right or else it becomes frozen and rigid.

The Health of our boundaries and how much we say Yes when we mean No is about to be spotlighted as the Sun moves closer to Saturn - our time keeper and structure, the austere planet who keeps us on track with some hard lessons but always for our self awareness. This conjunction is a spiritual call out to tidy up where you are flowing/giving too much, where your boundaries are so eroded by others that you don't have the time to drop into that Pisces intuitive space.

Where you are getting bogged down by avoiding instead of stepping in?

In fact our whole sense of order, routines, health and mental energies are about to get spotlighted by the Full Moon this Saturday in Virgo. Virgo is the polar opposite of Pisces - it loves order, routine, perfectionism, information and ALL the details and then some!! Virgo energies can also be extremely hard working, fixated on order and everything going to plan, highly self critical and total self sabotage - wahhhhh!!

The big take home lessons from this Full Moon in earth sign Virgo is


Detoxing - yes from all social media!

Better Health Routines for the nourishment of the Body

Self Enquiry into is there too much rigidity in my life, am I flowing enough or work work work!

Where do you self sabotage the most or what do you stick your head in the sand about?

Where can I bring more flow into my life?

Inviting more flow and flexibility in. Taking rest pauses when our energies run low and our minds are cluttered. Remember both these signs rule our Health in Mental Health and Gut Issues, Immune and Lymphatic systems. If we don't listen inwardly we don't pick up on the messages that our bodies are struggling and about to get sick!!

Mercury our planet of details, information, communication moves into Pisces on the same day as the Full Moon- here's the kicker.... Mercury LOVES being in Virgo where it becomes an organized, practical, detailed Wizard BUT it doesn't do so well in dreamy Pisces!! If you try too hard to focus on the details, you may find your thoughts very fluid instead of focussed!!!

This is our Moon to tune into all of the above. I could write for ages and ages on ALL the astrology that is happening right now as we head towards a very big April and eclipse season.

I break all of this down in my Monthly Moon Circles - where we talk lots of Astrological energy, the chakra to work with to boost this energy.

Virgo is our throat chakra so we did meditations to clear and energize this chakra with the Gong and bowls to unclutter our minds with gorgeous sound waves that send us into dream land.

I wish you a healthy and flowy Full Moon for Saturday

Much Love



Next Beautiful Stretch/Meditation Sound Bowl class is March 10th Bookings can be made below

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