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April Astro Weather Musings

Feeling Frazzled, Wired, Tired, What the F moments, Bumpy, Headaches ....... you need to read on....

These are very common themes of what we are all experiencing with these eclipse energies. The Eclipse portals run every 6 months for an 18 month cycle with pairs of eclipses falling two weeks apart. Eclipses represent the North Node - our destiny point for our soul to learn and evolve. The south node is about the karmic baggage we have accumulated in this life and past lives.

This all started last April 2023, October 2023 and now again this April - and already it has been serving up some hectic energy. But Why?....

The Nodes of destiny and past are in Aries /Libra - Aries is the north nodal point of stepping into the solid belief in ourselves, the Libran south node is about shedding all of our unhealthy people pleasing, repetitive patterns of life that bring our energy down and highlighting what is very much out of balance and harmony.

This will play out in every relationship in your life including yourselves as that is our biggest relationship. This Eclipse had some tricky other factors with extra planets near the Sun and Moon amplifying any current situations. Mercury in Retrograde will have us reflecting on, are we receiving enough in all of our relationships, is the balance even or are the scales tipped so you are giving but not really receiving what your hearts need. Truthful conversations or information may be incoming, people or conversations from the past may be arising again. Where have you been holding yourself back because you don't feel good enough??

Add Chiron into the mix and now you really have a tsunami of energy of what has hurt you in the past, where have you been unseen, hurt, humiliated, bullied, made to feel small or belittled, rejected or cut off. You get the picture - this energy is pinging all those old things deep inside of us that make us feel low, self ruminating/sabotaging, victimized.

All of these planets coupled with the Eclipse theme of Me vs We are giving us insight to really look at the root cause of why you feel the way you do. Often it is not other people doing it to us ( and our looping thought processes are very good at this!!) but the answer with this energy is to see the issue at its root cause and then you see'' the why clearly and you then choose your reactions. When we try to pretend and ignore these energies, this is when we feel irritable and very much out of alignment.

This may be the result of setting healthier boundaries, or saying No more or having a very truthful conversation with yourself and others if need be.

You may be feeling more sensitive or aggravated than usual, these are the energies that are nudging us to notice what situations/people bring our energy down, what repetitive crap that keeps looping or when you use the words 'not this crap again' These are the universal signs that something needs to change.

There will be those that sweep all of this under the carpet and say I'm fine but, listen, look and feel into your energy every moment and when it plummets, notice what/who has made it plummet!!!

Where this happens for everyone will be according to what house (section of the astrology chart) your Aries and Libra reside in and we all have aries and libra in our charts!! Some will feel it in their money house, others will feel this more if Libra is in your 7th house of relationships, the mother/family wound will come up if its in your 4 th house, career and work roles may be changing if its in your 10th house. An Astrology reading can help you navigate exactly where these energies are playing out for you.

The Universe only wants what is best for your soul and learning to see and release unhealthy, out of balance patterns and cycles can totally change your life and energetic abundance so that you move through this life with flow and love. We are all being spiritually upgraded right now and change is difficult but it can also open so many more doorways to happiness.

Please reach out if I can help you with a chart reading Drop a like or a comment if this has resonated with you.

Much Love


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