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How Can Energy Work Support You...

You know when you get that feeling that something is just off.. out of whack..out of sorts....

Even if you are doing all the right things, eating well, exercising, getting plenty of rest but you're still feeling low, irritable and maybe in a funk. We can still be taking impeccable care of our Physical Bodies by pumping down and weeing out all of those vitamins and latest tinctures for stress but are you taking care of your Energetic Body?

Some of you may know this as your Aura or your energetic field. Some of you may be able to instantly detect someone's mood just via their energy (aura) before they even speak. We all are made of energy and surrounded by a vibrational field of our own Energies which radiate from our chakra centers but we also surrounded by EVERYONE else's energetic magnetic fields - there's a lot of humans in the world so we are constantly coming into contact with others vibrational fields and absorbing them.

Here's an eg I use a lot....

Consider how your energy feels when you're with someone who makes you laugh, listens to you, has genuine care and you just have a really nice time with them. You walk away feeling all smiley and bouncey and lighter in your step. That's your energy field raising its vibration to match the other persons - a positive charged energy exchange.

Now think about someone that you have walked away from, feeling blah or icky or irritable ... did you notice your own energy come down to meet theirs and when you walked away you felt heavy and dense and very different to the high vibrational person.

Here's the kicker... Energy fields are naturally attracted to the same energy fields so when that someone gives you a despresso espresso of their energy YOU will absorb that in your field. Unless you are doing what I call spiritual hygiene regularly, you become bogged down feeling heavy and lethargic, trudging along instead of being as light as a feather. And that's just ONE person. Think of all the road rage, the work conflicts, the dysfunctional family relationships, the problems of others you listen to, the list is endless of what we absorb into our precious fields.

This is where Energy Sessions can be so beneficial with a trusted being, who knows firstly how to take care of their own energies but who is also experienced and intuitive enough to read others energies. It's not something I post a lot on my socials, but I have an incredible team of Spiritual Beings that guide me, talk to me and relay messages for my clients. These are always so very different as we are all so different so sometimes it may come in the form of Medical Intuition, or I will feel the pain or emotion in my body of what the clients body is doing when I am working on a chakra so can identify where the energetic block is. Sometimes my hands just get really hot and the client will experience sometimes a rush of energy through them or see colors or able to access their own messages from their own guides. At other times the clients crossed over loved ones or guides can be so strong that ask me to relay that love from them.

I have to stress, this is not MY energy that you are receiving, it is from ascended beings, light and energetic beings, angels and guides, I am merely a conduit that can access these energies for you.

The best thing is that all you have to do is lie there and the energy will do the work. I use an array of different techniques, gentle massage to the face, reiki and light energy techniques, sound therapy via the gong, tibetan bowls or crystal bowls. But most importantly you are left feeling held, heard, nourished and supported. Your energy fields reset and energized but at the same time you feel deeply rested and clear.

As per some of my astrology readings and posts, we are in for a very mutable, time shifting year which could leave us all feeling a little or lot frazzled and reactive. We are always our best self for most importantly ourselves and then others when our energy fields are clear and free of negative energies. If this is speaking to you please don't hesitate to reach out. It is always better to text me or call me if you are after a session and can't see any times on the website.

Much love


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